Apple Picking at Soergel Orchards

Tepper Partners organized an apple picking event on September 27th, 2015 for a true autumn experience at Soergel Orchards in Wexford, Pennsylvania. We enjoyed the Fall festival with food, games and activities for kids and adults. We all had a great time and hope to repeat it again in Fall 2016. 

Welcome Weekend

by Kelly Derry

The fun and excitement of Welcome Weekend is upon us!  I remember being so excited, yet nervous, to finally meet people that were going to experience this MBA journey with us when I attended Welcome Weekend last year.  I was scared to be “the new kid" at school.

Throughout the weekend, Cal (my fiance) and I attended most events together, with the exception to the Partner Only events.  Being surrounded by all of the unfamiliar faces made me nervous at first, so  I stuck by Cal's side initially.  But, when I decided that I would join conversations with groups of people I didn't recognize, I found that nearly everyone else was just as nervous as I was about the new MBA journey that was upon us.  There are a few students and partners who are Pittsburgh locals, but most are moving to come here, many from other countries!  Then, I started to feel less intimidated by our move to Pittsburgh.

My little, relatively isolated, world as a girl from a town called Niceville in the Panhandle of Florida, was instantly broadened during this weekend.  I met more people from more countries and states in one weekend than I had in my entire life (FYI, I have traveled abroad on several occasions, so I wasn’t completely sheltered!).  My world continues to grow with each social gathering, as I meet new people, and am exposed to new cultures.

Not only have I been culturally enriched by this experience, I have been blessed to meet and make so many great friends!  I don’t just mean the kinds of friends who are fun to hang out with on a Friday night (we have those, too).  I mean the good-hearted, have your back, do anything to help you, come over on a random Tuesday to vent about your day, watch your dog so you can go on a trip, bring you hot meals when you are sick, go explore a new area of town on a Sunday, and help you pick out bridesmaid dresses kind of friends. These are people who are trekking to Costa Rica to be with us on our “Big Day” --in fact one of the students is officiating our wedding!  See?  We are talking TRUE friends!

Now, I’m not saying you will meet your friend soul mates during your experience... but the experience is what you make it.  My advice?  Accept that random Facebook event invite from a Partner you barely know.  Attend the events whether they’re “your thing” or not.  Insert yourself into a group conversation at B**rs.  Chances are, those people in that conversation don't know one another either.   Post “Anyone want to grab brunch in Highland Park this weekend?” to Facebook.  Get out there!  You may be busy with work, kids, settling in, wedding planning, being a student yourself, running your own business, but make time to meet people.  I met some of my closest friends at Welcome Weekend just by randomly starting a conversation with them.  So join the conversation, and enjoy the ride!  We're all in the same Tepper School boat!

Kelly is the President of the Partners Club.  You can read more information on Kelly, and the entire Partners Club board here!

Food Guide: Blue Apron

by: Katy Leonard

In my profession, there’s no such thing as a “work-life balance.”   Instead, I balance my life around my work and its long, unpredictable, and sometimes very odd hours.   For my other half, Greg - the current Tepper student, he equally is as committed and busy with school as I am with my job.   I know this is typical for so many Tepper students and partners.  For us, and I imagine for many in the Tepper community, we’re feeling accomplished if we’ve met all of our job or school commitments for the day, managed to eat a couple of meals, and are going to bed with clean clothes for the next day.

While I do love my job, it often makes getting “life things” done difficult.  One of those “life things” that I love is cooking and eating a meal with Greg.  However, finding time to meal plan, grocery shop, cook, and get dinner on the table on a regular basis is next to impossible for me with my schedule.  In the past, I’ve tried to do a big weekly grocery run so I had everything I needed for meals for the week.  Often though, I’d be throwing away piles of food at the end of the week when I ultimately didn’t have the time to make the meals I planned or when a recipe called for an ounce of cheese that I had to buy at least eight ounces of at the store.  We’ve also tried living only within walking distance of a grocery store.   Over the past four years, the Whole Foods prepared foods section really has been a savior for healthy eating in a rush, but warming my chicken breast and two sides in the microwave doesn’t really count as cooking to me. Recently, thanks to a number of fellow associates at my firm, I discovered Blue Apron.

Lemon parsley chicken w/ squash and zucchini salad | Maple and ginger-glazed salmon w/ watercress salad

Every Tuesday, Blue Apron delivers a cold-packed box to my door step.  The box includes recipes for three meals for two people and contains every ingredient required to make those meals.  The ingredients are seasonal and sourced directly from farms and family-run purveyors.   Each recipe includes step-by-step instructions with pictures, is 500-600 calories per person and can be prepared in 30 to 45 minutes.   The best part is that there’s no waste!   If I need two ounces of cheddar, there are two ounces of cheddar in the box.  If I need three tablespoons of soy sauce, there are three tables of soy sauce in the box.   The only ingredients that I need to have on-hand are salt, pepper and olive oil.

When I’ve told other people how amazing Blue Apron is, the response often involves a raised eyebrow and something to the effect of “well aren’t you fancy.”  Really, though, it’s not.  It’s just plain practical.  A box of three meals for two people is $60, or $10 per person, per meal, and that includes overnight shipping of a 15lb. box to your doorstep.  Although there have been a few misses, the food is almost always fantastic.  We’re also getting to try things I wouldn’t buy at the grocery store: amaranth, kohlrabi, beet pasta and drum fish to name a few.

The bottom line: Blue Apron is life changing - and I mean that in the most non-sarcastic way possible!   There’s a reason why this NYC-based start-up is hiring employees literally by the hundreds and was able to recently close a $50 million investment round that valued the company at a half a billion dollars.

Katy Leonard is a member of the Partners Club.  She is an associate at K&L Gates LLP, where her practice focuses on corporate mergers and acquisitions and advising clients with respect to public and private securities offerings and compliance and corporate governance matters.  In her free time, she enjoys trying new restaurants with friends, being outside (although probably less than when she lived in LA!), and going on traveling adventures with her partner, Greg.